Sarah spent some time talking to up and coming performance sailors about foiling on the Nacra 17 at the 2018 Spring 29er Skiff Fest in Miami. Sarah was the 2015 29er Worlds Coach for Team USA, so it was fun to get to hang out with skiff sailors again, and this group was particularly great to talk to about how to go even faster (aka, foiling!) See her presentation here: 

From Head Coach of 2niner Squad, Phil Muller: 

"Spring Skiff Fest Results |Warm Water Series # 1
Question: What has SF inspired you to do?

Participant Answer: “Focus on building my mental and physical strength and executing my dreams. It reminded me that nothing is really in your way when it comes to something you really want to do.”

Our vision was to bring athletes together to learn from each other. The 29er class has a culture of sharing and teamwork, so last weekend (Feb. 17-19) 25 athletes from North America shared their secret recipes.

We had an amazing staff of coaches and presenters to guide the conversation on a variety of topics, from foiling to fitness, and inspect our sport at all angles. Thank you Chris Williford, Sarah Newberry, Fred Strammer, Luke Muller, and Jim Menzies."