Funniest looking work uniform ever, right?! David and I are✨so appreciative✨ of all the supporters and friends who came out to CRYC for our presentation and fundraiser Monday night. We couldn’t do this without you, and it’s way more fun to have a room full of people to show wipe out videos to than it is to watch them alone. Seriously though - a huge thank you to our donors and supporters! Extra thanks to the folks who helped us make it happen: 

@emmettmoore @lizzynewberry@andrea_living @exercisingcement@michaeltsmoore @lesliejlott@teamparadiseinc @bydesignjewelers@jessynite @worthit4style, and David Bianchi and James Flood. 

#teamfun #nacra17 #coralreefyachtclub#miami #usa #sailing #biscaynebay.